Indoor Plant Food


A superfood elixir made for plants to help them grow and thrive.

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Get your plants growing and thriving with The Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food elixir.

This Indoor Plant Food liquid is a specific blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (N.P.K), trace elements, and seaweed as a superfood your plants would eat.

It comes with its own designated dropper for precise quantities and little waste, and it is almost completely odourless. One bottle can produce up to 100L of fertiliser for plants.

Just pour 1ml of the concentrate per litre of water into your watering can, then water your plants as usual. You may just add it once and water it in without adding any more steps to your plant-care regimen. As long as your plants are actively growing, feeding should be done every two weeks.

Melbourne-made and horticulturalist-designed


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Shake before using. Add 1ml of Indoor Plant Food to 1 litre of water and water your plants as normal.
To keep your plants well fed, fertilise every 2-4 weeks over Spring and Summer or while your plants are actively growing. You can reduce feeding to once every 6 weeks at half strength over Winter. For sensitive plants, feed at half strength.

Store out of direct sunlight. Can be used as a foliar spray when added to a mister.
Volume: 100ml. Makes up to 100L
Bottle Material: Glass
Application Rate: 1ml per 1 litre of water, as required. Each pipette has measurements marked out so you won’t need to do any guesswork
Typical Analysis: Nitrogen (N) 12%, Phosphorus (P) 2%, Potassium (K) 12%
Trace Elements: (B) Boron, (Fe) Iron, (Mn) Manganese, (Zn) Zinc, (Cu) Copper, (Mo) Molybdenum, (Mg) Magnesium, (Ca) Calcium, Seaweed.

WARNING: Not for human consumption. Avoid inhaling or ingesting. Avoid the eyes and wash hands after use.
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