Soil & Microbe Booster


A natural fertilizer made from the mix of biochar and frass. High in nutrients to make the plants flourish and fight against root rot.

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Certain things simply go well together. Like this Soil & Microbe Booster of biochar and frass mixture.

Frass is a natural fertiliser that is created from insect waste and is teeming with beneficial bacteria and nutrients. A substance like charcoal called biochar is produced by heating raw materials in the absence of oxygen.

When repotting, it can be dusted around the root ball or stirred with fresh potting soil before adding it to the pot. This Soil & Microbe Booster is also fantastic for composts to add to hasten decomposition.

What makes this Soil & Microbe Booster special?

  • Each gramme of frass contains roughly 240 million microbial colony forming units. Compared to worm castings or more diverse compost, it can contain up to 200 times more nutrients. This booster can improve the structure of the soil and provide nutrients for your plants to thrive.
  • Biochar keeps the plants alive from overwatering or during dry spells. It enhances the soil’s ability to hold nutrients and water, enhancing the richness of the frass.
  • High in trace nutrients to help your plants flourish: iron, copper, zinc and so much more.
  • Contains chitin which activates your plant’s natural defences against pathogens, like the ones that cause root rot.


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Top dressing: 1-1.5L/m2
Potting soils, garden beds and new trees: 1-10% of mass volume of planting/potting mic targeted at root zones
Compost blend: 1-10% of mass volume
Garden trees: 1-5L/m2
Jar Volume: 500ml
Jar Material: Glass
Ingredients: Biochar, Frass
Total nutrients: Nitrogen – 2.1%, Phosphorus – .8%, Potassium – 1.1%, Calcium – 6.5%, Magnesium – .7%, Sulfur – 0.3%, Sodium – 0.2%
Trace nutrients: Aluminium, Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese, Nickel , Selenium, Silicon, Zinc
Frass Bacteria and fungi cell count: 240 million colony forming units (CFU) per gram.

WARNING: Avoid breathing dust or mists, wear gloves and keep moist when handling. Wash hands after use
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