The Vim & Co Pharmacy

Vim and Co isn't like any pharmacy you’ve every experienced before, and it’s because we’re doing pharmacy differently.

It goes beyond just prescriptions and medications. Pharmacies are traditionally known as bandage solutions that are only brought to mind when people fall sick. We want to turn that model around and build Vim & Co into a hub for quality wellness and beauty products, honest health advice and ultimately, good health.


What we do

What we don't do

  • Take passport photos
  • Sell NDSS products


The Vim & Co pharmacy model is built on three pillars that we call the Wellness Triangle – Symptoms, Prevention and Education.

Vim & Co Wellness Triangle Diagram


First and foremost, we treat symptoms. Treating your immediate discomfort is vital.


We believe in empowering you with the right education and tools to take control of your health, so you can go beyond prevention and actually improve your health - so you keep getting better.


Beyond just symptom relief, we'll talk to you about how to prevent the symptoms recurring, so you don't have to feel uncomfortable again.


Vim & Co is a registered PBS Pharmacy with continued Quality Care Accreditation. With over 24 years of combined experience, pharmacist Yen and Clara take a “Whole of Health” approach to healthcare, based around the wellness triangle. Our pharmacists are committed to excellent customer service and are happy to provide advice on any health concerns you have, no matter how big or small.


Meet Yen

BPharm MPS

Founder of Vim & Co and a practicing pharmacist for over 18 years, Yen LOVES Retail and Health- both internal and external, traditional and holistic.

She sees a vision of pharmacy that is focused on Quality, Value and Beauty, presented with CARE. Meeting customers is the favourite part of her role.

Yen’s special areas of interest include Natural Health, Skincare and Wound Care.

Photo of Yen - Northbridge Pharmacist

Meet Clara

BPharm MPS

An enthusiastic young pharmacist who already loves Natural Health and is growing to love skincare in its full beauty.

Clara brings an effervescent attitude to her role in bringing together the discipline of traditional dispensary and retail Health and Beauty.

Clara’s special areas of interest include Natural Health, Women’s Health and Oral care.

Photo of Clara, Pharmacist

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The store looks different, is this still a pharmacy ?

Yes, we're a pharmacy at heart. but we're a very different model of pharmacy, as you can see when you walk in.

Is the store under new ownership?

New face lift, same owner. The store has been owned by the same person (Yen Tran) since it was built in 2009. In fact, we were the first tenants to move in.

Did you used to be called Northbridge Pharmacy?

Yes, that was us before the reincarnation to Vim&Co

Can I get my normal scripts from there?

Yes, you can. In the pharmacy part of the store its "business as usual".

Do you mail out products?

Yes, although we are still working on an online portal, if you call us directly and purchase a product, we will mail it out to you. ($11 normal postage, $15 Express anywhere in Australia)

Can I walk through to IGA from your side door?

You used to be able to, but not anymore, I'm sorry! Security is difficult to survey with the side door open so we've decided to close it.

There are all these weird and wonderful products you now have in the pharmacy, what are they?

These are some of the best health and beauty products around. They've been chosen by us, especially for you, so you can access them all in the one place, coupled with solid advice from the staff and pharmacists.

What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Feel free to get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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