Homegrown Australian brand TheSeeke set on creating skincare based on its holistic vision of honesty, integrity, community and sustainability.

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Elegant and sleek, Theseeke products bring back the luxury and love back into our everday skincare routines. It has proven to be a big success amongst customers, with women everywhere falling in love with the large variety of creams, calms, serums and elixirs on offer within the brand.

Theseeke firmly stands by the ethos of the Real Beauty Manifesto. The key values are purity, compassion, honesty, community, transparency and sustainability.

The Theseeke brand works hard to support small and local business to encourage a diverse and healthy economy. By keeping their products free of harsh toxins and chemicals that could irritate the body and cause harm to the environment, TheSeeke promotes a pure, natural and organic way of self care without damaging surrounding ecosystems.

To contribute to this, products are also vegan friendly and handcrafted.

Why we love Theseeke

It effortlessly encourages us to slow down, unwind and appreciate life and all its precious little moments.

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Most coveted
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TheSeeke Rose Elixir

Rose Elixir

One of the most popular products from the range is undoubtedly the beloved Rose Elixir.

The elegant glass bottle contains a nourishing and conditioning concoction that can be used as a moisturiser, hair serum and Vim & Co’s personal favourite, a bath oil.
The rose geranium and argan oil leave the skin feeling soft and silky whilst the divine rose perfume fills the air resulting in a luxurious pampering experience.


Vegan friendly ingredients Hand crafted



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