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Edible Beauty

The vegan skincare creation of naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios.

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Edible Beauty

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Edible Beauty preaches products that will bring you radiance, vitality and bountiful youth. With her strong background in nutrition, Mitsios extracted the medicinal properties of foods and herbs to bring forward a variety of teas, skin care and baby care that is pure enough to eat.

Wildcrafted from Australia’s unique flora, Edible Beauty is environmentally sustainable, ethical and establishes itself as skincare based on natural ingredients. Featured in Bazaar, InStyle and the Today Show, Edible Beauty would make a beautiful addition to anyone’s beauty routine.

Anna Mitsios is passionate about sustaining the longevity of the mind, body and environment which is heavily reflected in the quality of her luxurious products.

“The Edible Australia philosophy is based on illuminating your natural beauty using pure, wildcrafted and botanical ingredients that are literally good enough to eat.” – Edible Beauty Australia

Why we love Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty proves that skincare is equally if not more effective without the harmful chemicals and toxins. Created from botanically sourced ingredients, Edible Bubba is perfect for mothers looking for skin care that is nurturing, natural and safe.

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Edible Beauty product

No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

Like a "breath of fresh air" on the skin, this gentle coconut milk cleanser removes surface impurities to leave you with satin soft, clean skin which is radiant and hydrated.

We recommend for dry and oily skin alike, with coconut oil acting to balance the skin's oil production. The Belle Frais Cleansing Milk is perfect for someone who wants a complete cleanse, but also to feel fresh and balanced after they have removed their cleanser.

Created with with a unique blend of botanical ingredients including Apple extract to help clear pores; Wattle Seed extract known for its high levels of amino acids and antioxidants and Jujube to help provide moisture and improve the texture and elasticity of the skin.

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Organic and Australian wherever possible Contains Essential oils



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