Neem Oil


A natural leaf shine made from neem seed and vegetable based wetting agent to keep foliage looking lush and dust free.

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The Plant Runner Neem oil is created using neem seed that has been hand blended with a vegetable based wetting agent. It is an all-natural, organic product.

Neem oil has countless applications and is particularly well-liked by houseplants. In order to maintain leaves appearing lush and dust-free, it is utilised as a natural leaf shine. Dust that could hinder your plant’s capacity to photosynthesise can be removed by regularly wiping down the foliage of your plant.

It is safe to use around dogs and kids and contains organic sulphur, proteins, and a number of useful trace elements.


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Shake well before use. Spray directly onto foliage; wipe with a soft cloth. Do not wipe pubescent (hairy) leaves. Do not apply if or when direct sunlight is on foliage. If your plant receives any direct sunlight during the day, spray in the evening.

Application can be repeated after 7 days and as necessary thereafter. Keep in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
Volume: 250ml bottle with trigger spray.
Bottle Material: Glass
Ingredients: 100% natural cold pressed neem oil, plant-based wetting agent (This is a vegan friendly product)

WARNING: Not for human consumption. Avoid inhaling or ingesting. Avoid the eyes and wash hands after use.
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