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From the skin experts Deciem, NIOD is focused less on short term superficial benefits found in commercial cosmetics and more on prioritising long term health.

Highly advanced, the ingredients and technologies provide exceptional results for people suffering from wrinkles, dryness and acne.

The brand is popular for preventing and inflammation making it perfect for people looking to reverse their signs of ageing.

Committed to quality and innovation, their sleek black design, NIOD is a refreshing change from the heavily marketed and commercialised brands. It is not just a treatment, NIOD offers solutions.

Why we love NIOD

Loved by Vim & Co for the science behind it - and the results show it.

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Most coveted
NIOD product

NIOD-CopperAmino Duo

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum:

One of the most popular products to solve pigmentation and improve texture.

Assists in immune function, collagen synthesis, blood vessel development, fibroblast production, anti-inflammatory responses and the list goes on. It is a miracle formula that targets almost all aspects of the skin to repair and firm it.

Customers were impressed by how their skin was significantly softer and smoother after using the serum. Not to mention, its lightweight texture absorbs immediately into the skin leaving the face feeling fresh.

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Contains ingredients that have been around forever and have clinical evidence for their effectiveness. Loads of proven science here.


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