TP 930 Brushpic


10 pieces of nylon toothpicks with a flocked tip. Safer way to clean stuck food between teeth.

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Having food stuck between your teeth does not feel nice.

The CURAPROX TP 930 Brushpic is amazing to clean out that gunk. When we are away from home and we cannot brush our teeth or floss, and food is trapped between our teeth, it bothers us a lot, and it can irritate the gums.

The brushpics are contained in a small box that you can carry anywhere conveniently. That way you can use it anytime you need it easily.

What makes the TP 930 Brushpic special?

  • It is made of nylon so it won’t break easily
  • It has a flocked brush tip that can clean food residue more effectively, and won’t injure you teeth or gums
  • The shape is extremely thin so it can reach all the difficult places easily
  • Won’t cause any splinters like wooden toothpicks
  • Portable and handy

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Enter the flocked tip from the outside and push the leftover food to the other side.

If the food is still stuck, flick it upwards.

Do it gently to prevent harm/damages to your teeth and gums.

Dispose used brushpic.
Box with 10 pieces of toothpick.
TP 930 is made with nylon: robust, fine and with a flocked tip.
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curaprox tp 930 brushpicTP 930 Brushpic

Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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