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A stylish, compact travel toothbrush with 10ml of whitening Be You toothpaste, CS 5460 Curaprox toothbrush, and two CPS prime interdental brushes with a holder.

An exceptional travel companion. Wherever you go.


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CURAPROX Travel Set – Light, compact, practical, and stylish.

Take care of your oral health on the go with this handy travel set. It contains everything that you need in a small holder. This set only measures to 9.5 cm x  6 cm, so it fits easily in your suitcase, bag, or even pocket!

No more bad breath, bleeding gums, or dirty teeth during your travels.

Each CURAPROX travel set contains:

  • CS 5460 Toothbrush – A detachable toothbrush with 5,460 ultra-fine filaments on the brush head. It’s gentle on your teeth and gums, and recommended by dental professionals for its exceptional cleaning power.
  • Be You Whitening Toothpaste – A 10ml zesty flavoured toothpaste. Gentle, natural, and effectively whitens you teeth for everyday use. It protects your oral health and gives a long-lasting freshness that you need.
  • CPS Prime Interdental Brushes – The ultimate secret for cleanliness for those narrow spaces between the teeth. This set has two super-fine, extra-long brushes (size 07 & 09) and a holder. It’s gentle and effective to clean all the gunk out.

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Be You Whitening Toothpaste contains 950 ppm Fluoride, Hydroxyapatite, glucose oxidase, and natural ingredients for a gentle whitening effect. Sweetened by xylitol and birch sugar to strengthen the teeth and tackles bacteria. Provitamin B5 to support cell formation. Power beads for a fresh dose of menthol. No SLS, triclosan, or micro plastic. RDA approx 50.
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