CS 1560 Toothbrush


CS 1560 is a firmer toothbrush made with CUREN®-filaments with only 0.15 mm in diameter. Amazing for removing plaque and cleaning the teeth and ideal for those who prefer firmer filaments.

Single pack. For adults.

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CS 1560 is a harder  toothbrush than the other brushes in this range.

This toothbrush provides a CURAPROX brushing experience for people who are more used to a slightly firmer toothbrush. CS 1560 toothbrush is the ideal introduction to the gentleness of CURAPROX.

This toothbrush head is made of CUREN®-filaments with only 0.15 mm in diameter. These bristles are stiffer than nylon and remain just as stable in the mouth as when they are dry. These properties make it possible to produce toothbrushes with a large number of ultrafine bristles.

CURAPROX CS toothbrushes break up und remove plaque more thoroughly – thanks to the extremely dense bristles.

Octagonal handle helps to optimise cleaning by allowing patients to brush at a 45 degree angle. The compact head finds all the hard-to-reach-spots – behind the molars and premolars.

This toothbrush is amazing for:

  • Protecting the teeth
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Gum care
  • Gum inflammation
  • Breaking up and removing plaques
  • Preventing damage from brushing


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Brush you teeth gently using the brush to prevent damage to your teeth and the brush head. Follow instructions below for proper usage:
Made in Switzerland

Softness: Soft

Colour: Assorted

Age group: Adult
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curaprox cs 1560CS 1560 Toothbrush

Availability: Only 2 left in stock

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