Tongue Cleaner Pack


A pack of 2 tongue cleaners, single-bladed and double-bladed, to scrape the bacteria and other deposits from your tongue. Say goodbye to bad breath and improve your oral health.

For adults.

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Say goodbye to bad breath.

Cleaning your tongue using a tongue cleaner is important to keep bad bacteria, as well as food debris and dead cells that may accumulate there, from causing trouble. Gently scrape your tongue once a day to easily remove those bacteria and other deposits.

The CTC tongue cleaner from CURAPROX is amazingly successful against halitosis (bad breath). Its anatomically correct shape reduces nausea and its effect can be seen and smelled.

Benefits of cleaning your tongue:

  • Improved taste buds – When you scrape off the surface of your tongue, it’s almost as if you’re starting with an entirely fresh palette. See if you notice stronger flavour profiles the next time you eat after cleaning your tongue.
  • Fresher breath – Bad breath is caused by the bacteria that lives on your tongue. It’s not just your teeth and gums you need to clean to in order to avoid bad breath, your tongue is a big part of it!
  • Improved oral health – Scraping your tongue can remove harmful bacteria that inflames your gums as well as prevent cavities.


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1. Brush your teeth, floss and rinse like you normally would.
2. Stick your tongue out and lightly scrape across the entire surface of your tongue once or twice.
3. Start all the way at the back of the tongue and scrape it toward the front.
4. Rinse the scraper in warm water after each pass, and finish by rinsing it again and swishing your mouth out with water.

Tip: Do it gently so the tongue is not hurt/irritated. If your tongue gives off any visual clues that it’s not healthy like white, black or red discoloration, or sores or pain that persist for more than two weeks, seek professional help immediately.
Twin pack: tongue cleaner single-bladed and double-bladed
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