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A transparent orthodontic wax to act as a barrier which ease pain or discomfort from brackets, toothache, ulcer, or aligners.

Box with 7 wax strips.

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Ortho wax is an opaque substance that becomes soft and malleable, allowing it to be placed around the offending bracket which acts as a barrier between your braces and your lips, cheek or tongue.

The ortho wax comes in a handy case and is transparent and flavourless. It is formulated with a non-toxic substance so it is safe if you accidentally swallow it. It sticks well on brackets and braces to protect the gum from injuries and abrasion.

Although it’s not a solution for the long-term, this wax can help you to ease the pain and discomfort.

When else can you use an ortho wax?

  • When you have a toothache – If your toothache is caused by damaged filling or chipped or cracked tooth, orthodontic wax may help you manage the sensitivity and pain in the short term.
  • When you want to stop ulcer irritation – Place it near the ulcer area so it reduces friction and further irritation.
  • When you have an uncomfortable aligners or invisalign – Press the wax gently on the area of discomfort.
  • When you have a broken tooth – Place it around the edge of the chipped tooth to avoid cutting your tongue or the inside of your mouth.


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1. Identify what is causing the discomfort.
2. Take an appropriate amount of wax, large enough to cover the area of discomfort.
3. If it is for a bracket, the wax has to be big enough to be moulded above/below the bracket.
4. Prepare the wax by warming or rubbing it between your fingers and moulding it into a small rectangular shape to cover the bracket as well as the undercuts above/below the bracket.
5. Dry the bracket and surrounding area with tissue paper or a cotton wool bud or ball as thoroughly as possible
6. If there is any moisture, the wax may not adhere to the bracket.
7. Apply the softened wax around the bracket and press it into place.
Box with 7 wax strips
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Availability: Only 3 left in stock

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