CPS Interdental Brush Refill


A refill for CURAPROX CPS Interdental Brushes. To clean narrow spaces in between teeth, braces, implants, or bridges.

Contains 8 refills & 12 refills

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The CPS Interdental Brush Refill range has the right brushes for everyone. For natural teeth, for implants, narrowest spaces, larger spaces, braces, crowns, bridges, after surgery… for everyone.

Nasty stuff can build up between your braces and your teeth. Now you can eliminate it with interdental brushes – easily clean those hard-to-reach spots. Another simple way to improve your oral health.

CURAPROX’s CPS Interdental Brush is probably the finest ever interdental brushes. CPS prime brushes can help prevent gum inflammation and bad breath. Do it daily and see amazing results from using them.

These are the finest little brushes on the market with unsurpassed durability. The click system means that your personal, favourite holders can be used – to combat caries in the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis particularly easily and effectively.

The quality of CPS prime makes a single cleaning movement sufficient: once in and out. Done.

  • Ultrafine bristles with umbrella effect
  • Patented surgical wire for the smallest interdental spaces
  • Long service life
  • Click system for all holders
  • Environmentally friendly

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1. Position the CPS interdental brush at a slight angle in front of the interdental gap – the space between the teeth.
2. Push it in: Just a little at first, then straighten it and push it right through.
3. Pull it out: Very gently. Done. Move on to the next one.


Blue - 0.6 mm / 2.2 mm
Red 0.7 mm / 2.5 mm
Pink 0.8 mm / 3.2 mm
Yellow 0.9 mm / 4.0 mm
Green 1.1 mm / 5.0 mm

06/08, 07/08, 08/12, 09/12, 011/12

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