Photo of bandaids and betadine

Remedy | A lot of blood, a little bandaid

Image showing a large amount of blood on a man's foot

There’s a lot of blood in this picture, but don’t worry, this man didn’t lose his foot.

He came in pushing a pram and had a lot of blood coming from the bottom of his foot. It was a warm day so by the time he found refuge at the store and was sitting down, the blood had coagulated (a fancy word for “set”) and his foot was stuck to his thongs.

This situation arose when some glass had accidentally found its way under his foot. He had removed what he could but because it was on the bottom of his heel and he was out and about walking, the blood flowed freely. It seemed like there was a lot more blood for the size of the cut – which was still a decent cut.

First things first,  we made sure there was no more glass embedded in the bottom of his foot.

The great thing about all that blood is that it sets quickly as the body’s natural way to control the excess bleeding. The gentleman was keen to grab an antiseptic so I gave him some betadine which is an excellent antibacterial with antiviral properties. I flushed the tiny but fairly deep cut with the betadine to make sure to minimise infection.

After wading through all that blood and in front of other customers who probably thought the worst (mind you, the man kept very calm – I was impressed),  I thought the best dressing for it was.. a simple bandaid.

  • Yen, Founder + Pharmacist

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