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Northbridge Neighbours | Daley King x Fringe World

We love our Northbridge in January. There is always an intense burst of culture, energy and life emanating from the streets and venues with the arrival of Fringe World that leaves us tingling.

It brings people to together, it offers connections, experiences and diversities that entertain, that challenge, that embrace and redefine. 

This week, we were excited to spend some time with Vim & Co customer and experimental performance artist, Daley King, ahead of the launch of their new performance Lipstuck, presented by PICA for Fringe World 2020. After a play date in store chatting all things beauty and skincare (you can check out the highlights on our in store instagram stories here!) we asked Daley a couple of questions about their art and what we can expect from their latest works.

What was your first introduction to performance art?

To be honest, I travelled to Berlin when I was 15 or 16, and got to witness the majestic Blue Man Group – I’m not sure if they count, but they definitely perform (amazingly) and it’s definitely live art.

What would you say is your goal as an artist?

To provoke – myself, audiences, and other artists; to challenge people to better themselves and the world.

How would you describe your art?

I like to believe that it’s alive and brimming with vibrance and energy. I focus a lot on queerness, mental health, and decolonisation – sometimes the intersection between the three! And climate change is always on my mind.

Tell us a bit about your creative process for developing new works – where do you draw your inspiration?

I’ve always drawn inspiration from my own life and personal experiences, it often means I can really find truth in the issues I’m tackling. Other than that, I just like to sit and people-watch, and I get to enjoy characters come to life in front of me – I don’t have to do any work sometimes. Humans are weird and unique.

Northbridge is humming with the launch of Fringe. What is your favourite part about the neighbourhood?

The coffee. Never have I seen so many brilliant cafes all with their own spectacular cold brews and iced long blacks. It gives me life.

We are so excited about your upcoming show Lipstuck. Tell us what the audience can expect from the show?

Well, I definitely (attempt) to make lipstick from scratch, and there is definitely storytelling, and there is definitely a rundown of lipstick history – other than that, there’d be spoilers! But, in all honesty, I think it’ll be a beautiful show to just sit in the space we’ve created and come on journey!

Why lipstick? What does lipstick represent for you?

Lipstick is a human instinct; the urge to paint and cover one’s lips, face and body is something that’s been with us since the dawn of time. Lipstick is just the next step in that history. I think it’s important to respect where it came from and where it might take us, and how people treat it now.

What do you hope the audience will take away from your performance?

To be unafraid to do what they want with their body, within reason and without harming others of course. To feel free.

What’s next for Daley King?

Who knows! It depends how Lipstuck goes! Come one and all, and let me know what you think.

Lipstuck runs 28 January – 1 February at PICA.

To celebrate the launch of the show, PICA is offering special $22 tickets for all Vim & Co customers. Head to the website here and simply enter the promo code ‘RAINBOW’ at checkout for your discount to be applied.

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