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Cover your large candles with this clear glass lid to keep out dust and the smoke once the candle is extinguished.

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Maison Balzac Glass Lid

Keep out dust from your beloved candles with this beautiful lid and watch the smoke as it dances inside the cover, after you distinguish the flame. If you’re a candle lover, complete your candle collection with this pretty lid to protect them. No more dust or smoke but an elegant way to present your candles.

Each lid is hand blown with clear borosilicate glass and comes with a small clear handle to lift easily. Or, perhaps you’d like a bigger cover for your candles, then check out this pretty glass cloche that we have! This glass lid is perfectly sized to cover Maison Balzac’s large candles range  check them out too!

Maison Balzac Glass Lid dimensions

  • colour: clear glass
  • 11cm diameter

*All of Maison Balzac’s glassware are handmade individually. This may result in slight differences between shapes, sizes, and colours. However these variances are part of the products’ beauty! It will not deter the overall aesthetic and ability of the product as well.


Hand wash it with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean.

Don't use strong alkali soaps as it could damage the glass.

Handle with care to avoid glassware from breaking.

100% clear borosilicate glass
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glass lidGlass Lid

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