Tapered Candles that comes in an array of beautiful colours, handmade on the island of Java, Indonesia to illuminate your dark days with its soft glow. Pack of 4.

Tapered Chandelles (4 candles/box)

This beautiful Maison Balzac set of candles, known as Chandelles are poured with loving hands individually on Java island, Indonesia. They are made specially to keep you company during dark days, when the sun and the moon is not bright enough to illuminate you.

These Chandelles come in a range of pretty colours that you can pick and choose based on your own pleasure! Or you can also pair it with the beautiful range of candle holders from Maison Balzac to elevate you space and decor.

Chandelles Features

  • Size: 25cm long (9.84″)
  • Approx 9 hours burn time each.
  • Candle base fits in a 2cm diameter candleholder (kindly check our Maison Balzac candle holders range for best use)
  • Made from 100% plant based stearin wax with cotton wick (wax RSPO certified).

These Chandelles are handmade with soft wax, minor marks might be visible on its surface. But don’t worry! These imperfections are part of the beauty and won’t deter its function, shape, or colour.


Due to the nature of the wax, our candles may produce a soft white film on the outside. This is known as blooming, and is a naturally occurring process. It in no way affects the quality or burning of the candle and can be removed with a soft cloth gently

Keep away from draughts and do not move the candle once lit

Keep out of reach from children and pets

Don't leave it burning without supervision. Blow out candle before flame reaches 2cm from base.

Always lit in a well ventilated space and not flammable surface. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Cut the top of the wick approx 5mm before burning. Do not burn more than 2 hours at a time

100% plant based stearin wax (RSPO certified) with cotton wick

Bleuet, Mint, Teal, Pink, Sable

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