Candle Holder


A delicate candle holder individually hand made from borosilicate glass that comes in an array of colours. Best paired with a Maison Balzac Chandelle. Candles sold separately.

Maison Balzac Candle Holder

The Grand Galet is a master of illusion, making it appear like candles are floating on soft bubbles of air – as if by magic!

Present him with a candle and watch him do his trick, you will be mesmerised by the show. Decorate your table tops with this beautiful candle holder glassware. Individually hand made from borosilicate glass in a delicate range of colours, and best paired with a Maison Balzac Chandelle.

Maison Balzac candle holder dimensions

* Size: 10.5cm wide, 3.5cm high
* Can accommodate any tapered candle with a 2cm base
* 100% borosilicate glass

Candle sold separately

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Wipe this product with a dry cloth or hand wash it with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean. Don't use strong alkali soaps as it could damage the glass. Handle with care to avoid glassware from breaking.

Always place the candle in the holder on a stable heat resistant surface out of reach of flammable objects while in use. Keep out from flammable, draughty areas, and open windows that could create a risk of fire. The holder may become hot after usage, be careful. Do not burn the candle if it's only 2cm left near the glassware. Do not move the holder once candle is lit.

Keep out of reach from children and pets. Burning candle may create smoke: please ventilate the space after use.
100% borosilicate glass

Bleuet, Opaque Mint, White

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