1642 Mini Scented Candle


A mini version of Maison Balzac’s 1642 scented candle,  smells like rich violet, blackberry, and cedarwood that interprets the flowers in Adriaen Van Utrecht’s painting entitled ‘Vanitas – Still Life With Bouquet and Skull’

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1642 Mini Scented Candle

A collaboration between Doctor Lisa Cooper, Sydney based artist, and Maison Balzac to create this candle as an ode to a 17th Century Vanitas. It awakes your alternative senses with the perfumes of Adriaen Van Utrecht’s floral painting from the year 1642, Vanitas – Still Life with Bouquet and Skull. Elevate your space with this 1642 mini scented candle that fills your senses with rich combination of violet with a hint of blackberry, and a deep earthy smell of cedarwood.

  • Olfactive notes: Violet, Blackberry, Cedarwood
  • Size Mini: 55g approx. 17 hours burn time
  • Made in: Sydney, Australia

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Make sure the wick is alight properly to create an even wax pool for the first time burning it. Cut the top of the wick approx 5mm before each use to ensure an even burn.

Keep the wick in an upright position after extinguishing the flame

Keep away from draughts or flammable objects

Keep out of reach from children and pets

Don't leave it burning without supervision. Do not burn more than 2 hours at a time. Blow out candle before flame reaches 2cm from base.

Always lit in a well ventilated space and not flammable surface. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Soy wax blend with cotton wick
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