1642 Scented Water


An eau perfume which is also a room spray and linen spray that captures the smell of rich violet, blackberry, and cedarwood that interprets the flowers in Adriaen Van Utrecht’s painting entitled ‘Vanitas – Still Life With Bouquet and Skull’

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1642 Scented Water is a transportive perfume spray that smells warm and fresh. Unwind your mind at the end of the day by breathing deep in its calming tones.

We have united with Doctor Lisa Cooper, Sydney based artist, to create this scented water as an ode to a 17th Century Vanitas. It acts as an inquiry into the olfactory experience of viewing an image through alternative senses.

Spray this rich combination of  violet with a hint of blackberry, and a deep earthy smell of cedarwood around your space and let its scent lingers around your senses.

  • Olfactive notes: Violet, Blackberry & Cedarwood
  • Made in: Sydney, Australia
  • Contains 100ml of scented water

This 1642 scented water also comes in a candle range. We have a variety of scents that you’ll surely love. Check them out here.


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Spray as needed to freshen up your space

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Avoid usage on delicate fabrics, surfaces and furniture.

Do not spray directly onto clothes or skin.

Do not spray near naked flame.

Avoid contact with eyes.
Denatured alcohol, Deionized water, Perfume
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