Rope Incense


Rope Incense is a traditional incense from Nepal that braid scented botanicals and herbs into a rope. Lit them up and let its aroma soothe your mind to relax.

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Take a deep breath and let this Rope Incense purify your space. It is the most unique type of incense that originated from Nepal. This incense is made out of finely powdered and twirled herbs and scented botanicals which are eco-friendly and lasts longer than regular incense sticks.

Its aroma is purifying, improves your mood, soothes stress, and dispel negative energy.

Aromatic notes of Jentl Rope Incense:

  • Spikenard: delicate, earthy, and musky scent that soothes anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Improves your mind and gives you emotional clarity.
  • Juniper: a hint of pine, with sappy, bitter, and fresh touch to its scents. Clears the mind and improves your focus. Healing, soothing, and purifying aroma.

Read the ‘How To’ section for proper usage.


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Cut out the rope to your desired length

Light one end of the rope with a candle/lighter/match

Once it's alight, blow out the flame to allow the stick to smoulder and release its aromatic smoke.

Rest the lit rope in a heatproof dish of sand or ash, or a Rope Incense Holder.

Allow to cool before disposing of the ash.
Juniper & Spikenard

Spikenard, Juniper

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