Palo Santo Sticks


Palo Santo Sticks or known as “Holy Wood” is a fragrant wood used as an incense to cleanse negative energy, treat pain, and relieve stress.

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Take a deep breath and let this Jentl Palo Santo Sticks purify your space. Burning this sticks known as “holy woods”, has been well established as a ritual by the Native South American culture.

What are the benefits of Palo Santo Sticks?

  • Repel insects. It contains Limonene, a natural insecticide substance that deter ants, termites, and mosquitoes.
  • Alleviates headaches, arthritis, and throat pain.
  • Dispel negative energy. Relaxes your mind and soul.
  • The aroma eases stress.
  • Uplifts your energy.
  • Connects your soul to the spiritual realm.

Read the ‘How To’ section for proper usage.


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Lit the tip of the smudge stick with a candle or lighter

Hold the stick downward at a 45-degree angle.

Let the stick burn for 30 seconds. Then, blow out the flame.

Hold the stick and begin to move it around your space

Or, place the stick in a heatproof dish to let it burn.

Once you are done, extinguish the smudge by putting the tip in a bowl of sand

Ventilate the space after usage

Store the remaining smudge stick for later use
Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) woods
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