Bois de Rose Incense


Bois de Rose is a box of 50 incense sticks that smells like a rose garden in full bloom.

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Bois de Rose Incense 

Elevate your space by using this Bois de Rose incense that smells exquisitely like roses that portrays a rose garden in full bloom. This incense will make you feel immersed inside a labyrinth of roses.

Each box of this Bois de Rose incense contains 50 high quality hand-rolled incense sticks, made on the Island of Awaji in Japan. Light them up and relax your mind by inhaling the soothing smell of the incense. Don’t have an incense holder? We got you! Check out these beautiful range of Maison Balzac incense holders that we have:)

  • Olfactive notes: Rose petals, Rosewood
  • Ingredients: Jimi (or Tabunoki) powdered wood, natural oils
  • Best paired with Maison Balzac’s Incense Holders

Please read the ‘How To’ section to use this incense correctly.


Always place the incense in a holder, on a stable heat resistant surface. Make sure no flammable items such as curtains or books are near the incense.

Ensure the ash lands on a non-flammable surface as it can discolour the furniture or create a risk of fire

Wait until the ash has completely died out before touching to clean up

Do not leave burning incense unattended

Do not move the incense once lit

Ensure incense is placed out of reach of children, pets and away from draughts

Ventilate the space after use to

Jimi (or tabunoki) powdered wood, natural oils
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