DF 845 Implant & Braces Floss


A dental floss for cleaning braces, dentures and implants. Contains 50 fleecy threads, 25 cm each.

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Effective cleaning for braces, dentures and implants

This CURAPROX DF 845 Implant & Braces floss is the ultimate floss for cleaning difficult gaps on crowns, bridges, braces, dentures and implants. The thick, fleecy thread gently fills the spaces for efficient cleaning. With threaders at both ends to make it easy to use.

Flossing is a very important part of your oral care. When done properly, flossing helps to:

  • Prevent tartar or plaque to build up
  • Clean gaps between your teeth or difficult spaces
  • Prevent bad breath by cleaning all that bacteria
  • Prevent gum disease or tooth decay

What makes this DF 845 Implant & Braces Floss special?

  • This dental floss is particularly practical because the threaders are not softened by saliva and thus remain strong without swelling up.
  • It has threaders at both ends which make it easy to access even the narrowest gaps under the wires fitted to orthodontic devices such as braces.
  • The handy dental floss box makes it easy to bring, especially during travels.
  • Thick and fleecy thread that cleans effectively, and not easy to break.


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1. Take around 18 inches of floss
2. With the floss held taut between thumbs and index fingers, gently slide it upwards and downwards between the teeth.
3. Curve the floss around the base of each of your teeth, going beneath the gumline.
4. Adjust the floss in your hands to utilise a clean piece of floss from tooth to tooth.
5. Remove the floss by gently bringing the floss back away from the teeth.

Disclaimer: Use the dental tape to floss gently so it won't irritate the teeth or gums.
50 fleecy threads, 25 cm. Threaders at both ends.
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