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The Beauty Chef has been making waves in the beauty world for its revolutionary approach to skincare and health – taking care of your gut. This ingestible line of bio-fermented powders and liquid elixirs contains prebiotics and probiotics that nourish your digestive system and addresses various health and skin concerns including sleep issues, immunity, and dull, dry skin. With so many options available, we give you the break down on what products you need.

Do you have dull, dry skin? Want a youthful radiance?

The Beauty Chef is renowned for producing glowing, lit-from-within results. You have a couple of options, which can be mixed and matched according to your needs

GLOW Inner Beauty Powder is the brand’s most iconic product, designed to improve overall wellbeing.

  • GREAT FOR: Overall gut health and enhances skin luminosity, nail strength and hair health.
  • CONTAINS: 24 Certified Organic, bio-fermented and probiotics superfoods including maqui berry and queen garnet plum (rich in antioxidants), microalgae (highest dietary source of beta-carotene – a precursor of vitamin A), and legumes (rich in soluble fibre).
  • TASTES LIKE: Berries. Mix it in with water, juice or yoghurt, or as part of a smoothie.

HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost is a liquid elixir for boosting hydration on a cellular level.

  • GREAT FOR: Dehydrated skin or if you’re not drinking enough water.
  • CONTAINS: Skin-hydrating organic fruits and plants including bio-fermented coconut water and aloe vera.
  • TASTES LIKE: Coconut. Mix it with water.

ANTIOXIDANT Inner Beauty Boost is a pro-biotic liquid for anyone with dull, stressed or sun-damaged skin.

  • GREAT FOR: Fighting free radical damage caused by the sun and pollution.
  • CONTAINS: Antioxidants found in bio fermented pomegranate, papaya and green tea.
  • TASTES LIKE: Citrus fruit with a hint of apple. Mix it with water.

COLLAGEN Inner Beauty Boost is liquid solution for those concerned about skin firmness, fine lines and texture.

  • GREAT FOR: Youthful and plumping skin.
  • CONTAINS: Collagen and antioxidant-rich ingredients like maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji berry, pomegranate, grape seed extract, zinc and vitamin C.
  • TASTES LIKE: Berries. Mix it with water.

If you want topical treatments, we love the Dream Repair Cellular Serum, an anti-oxidant solution containing skin-rejuvenating fats that provide intense moisturisation and hydration, and the Probiotic Skin Refiner, an exfoliator that helps boost collagen production.

Need to improve your digestive function and reduce bloating?

CLEANSE Inner Beauty Powder is designed to aid your body’s natural cleansing process and ease digestion.

  • GREAT FOR: Anyone experiencing mild digestion problems or want to a detox.
  • CONTAINS: 45 Certified Organic and bio fermented fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, algae, grasses, purifying herbs and digestive enzymes that help support liver and digestive function.
  • TASTES LIKE: Green juice. Mix it with water.
Need better sleep?

SLEEP Inner Beauty Powder is scientifically formulated to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • GREAT FOR: Anyone struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep or experiencing poor-quality sleep.
  • CONTAINS: Lemon balm and passion flower (relieves nervousness, restlessness and mild stress), turmeric (anti-inflammatory to aid digestion), sour cherry (rich in sleep-inducing hormone melatonin), and bio-fermented pawpaw leaf (rich in magnesium, which is linked to improving quality of sleep).
  • TASTES LIKE: Chai. Mix it in with warm nut, coconut, rice or diary milk as before bed.

Looking to kick-start your metabolism?

BODY Inner Beauty Powder is a vegan protein powder super-charged with nutrients.

  • GREAT FOR: Anyone wanting a kick of energy or maintain overall health.
  • CONTAINS: Acerola cherry, mushrooms, grasses, berries, algae, green leafy vegetables, seeds, spices and fruits. Each serve supplies 50% of your Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin D, helping you absorb more calcium for stronger bones.
  • TASTES LIKE: Vanilla or Chocolate – we stock two flavours. Mix it with coconut water, coconut milk or nut milk.

Photo Credit: @samrilesphotography

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