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A locally designed and made Wheat pack containing the highest grade wheat and sewn using a cotton/linen blend. A perfect gift for yourself or for someone else.

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Using certified organic wheat, our heat packs are filled with the highest and most natural grade ingredients and sewn using a natural cotton/linen blend

Designed in Perth and made by local seamstress Minh Trang Nguyen these packs make a perfect relaxation gift to yourself or for someone else.

100% Designed and locally made right here in Perth

Lay flat in microwave and heat for 1-2 minutes on high (850 watt microwave). Turnover halfway through the heating time to prevent heat spots. If further heating is required, repeat in increments of 20-39 seconds until desired temperature is reached.


Warnings: Discard if there is a burnt odour. Do not use on sensitive skin, infants or anyone who is sleeping. Do not use when wet. Leave to cool on a fire-resistant surface after use and do not put into storage until cool. Replace pillow after prolonged use or if it appears damaged.

Place in freezer bag and freeze for 1-2 hours before use.
Cover: 100% Linen
Contents: Organic Wheat
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Wheatbag Vim&Co

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