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A mat with plastic spikes distributed on it,  that unlock the benefits of acupressure to relax your body of muscular tension and stress, in the comfort of your own home. Ideally used 20 minutes at a time for maximum benefits.

A hugely popular product.

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The Shakti Mat is a mat with spikes distributed on it, that unlock the benefits of acupressure to relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home.

The Shakti Mat works in just 20 minutes. The first 4 minutes may be a challenge, after this time, the muscles begin to relax, body tissue softens and the benefits start to penetrate. Many people who experience this mat, return to purchase a second one, as a gift for family and friends.

Benefits of the Shakti mat

  • Healthy circulation
  • Relaxation of tense muscles
  • Soothing of headaches
  • Relief from stress
  • Relaxed body and mind
  • General vitality
  • Deep, restful sleep

Sizes and colours of Shakti mat
74cm x 40cm | 500g. This mat is available in different pressure grades. Original comes in green, orange and black, the advance pressure is in purple and the light level pressure in yellow. The size of the spikes is the same, the distribution increases with the light pressure mat and decreases to give more pressure per square cm of space with the advanced mat.

The most popular ways to use The Shakti Mat are on the neck, shoulders, back and feet, however your entire body can benefit. Simply let the mat apply pressure to your body. 20 minutes will yield the best results. Can be used on a soft surface like a bed or on the ground, first with an old t-shirt, then gradually moving to bare skin.
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