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A 50 metres black dental tape refill for daily use. Specially designed by a dental health professional to improve your oral hygiene in a fun way.

It has been made black to show white plaque being removed.

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Manfloss Refill is a dental tape that has been designed to improve your oral hygiene in a fun way.

This floss tape is developed by a dental health professional who listened (for 20 years) to the everyday persons’ frustrations with flossing, and decided to do something about it.

Finally, there is a luxurious wafer thin but also soft and wide tapes designed to get you smiling! Put this inside the Manfloss Dispenser and keep flossing.

What makes this Manfloss Refill special?

  • Black tapes to show white plaque being removed
  • Wafer thin floss tapes to slip between the teeth easily
  • Has a fresh mint flavour
  • Shred resistant
  • Soft material that won’t hurt your gums
  • Super wide to wipe the teeth surfaces completely
  • Sticky for grip and absorbs what’s dislodged
  • Recommended by dental health professionals

Each box contains a 50m roll of black tape dental floss refill.

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1. Put this refill inside the Manfloss Dispenser.
2. Roll out the tape and tear off approximately 45cm of the floss.
3. Slid the tape in between your teeth and start flossing with an in and out motion.
4. Rinse your mouth after to cleanse everything thoroughly.
5. Use daily either in the morning or night before bed, after brushing your teeth.
Ceresine wax, mint flavour 518204, carbon black colouring. Australian owned and designed. Made in China.
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