The Octopus Oil Burner


An octopus inspired oil burner for your essential oils. Watch his tentacles glow brightly as you light the fire inside him.

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The Octopus Oil Burner is Maison Balzac’s new addition to their tableware collection. Made from the clearest borosilicate glass and playful colours, this beautiful oil burner is the perfect piece for your table decor.

Gently place a candle on this octopus’ belly and watch his tentacles light up as it burns your favourite essential oils and water for your meditation rituals.

Features of The Octopus Oil Burner

  • Colour: Clear/multi
  • Size: Height 15 cm, top diameter 8.5 cm, overall width 13.5 cm
  • Each oil burner comes with an Australian beeswax candle with the Maison Balzac star logo on its base. If you don’t have any essential oils, kindly check this essential oil range from Maison Balzac.

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Wipe this product with a dry cloth or hand wash it with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean. Don't use strong alkali soaps as it could damage the glass. Handle with care to avoid glassware from breaking.

To remove essential oil residue, let soak in warm water and gently wipe with a sponge.

Do not use oil without water. In order to prevent irritation, do not exceed the recommended 5 drops of oil.

Always place on a stable heat resistant surface out of reach of flammable objects while in use. Keep out from flammable, draughty areas, and open windows that could create a risk of fire. The burner may become hot after usage, be careful. Do not move the burner once candle is lit.

Not suitable for wax melts

Keep out of reach from children and pets. Burning candle may create smoke, please ventilate the space after use.
Made from 100% borosilicate glass

Disclaimer: All of Maison Balzac's glassware are hand blown individually. This may result in slight differences between shapes, sizes, and colours. However these variances are part of the products' beauty. It will not deter the overall aesthetic and ability of the product as well.
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