Le Soleil Essential Oil


A fresh orange flower, neroli, and tuberose essential oil that transports you to a summer morning memory filled with positivity and good energy.

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Le Soleil Essential Oil

Unwind your mind at the end of the day with this soothing Le Soleil essential oil by breathing deep in its calming tones. This oil will transport you to a summer loving memory filled with orange grove, citrus scents from a freshly pressed orange juice, and the morning glow that radiates positivity throughout the day.

Put around 3 drops in your oil diffuser or oil burner, breathe deep, and enjoy the relaxation that this oil brings to your day!

  • Olfactive Notes: Orange Flower, Neroli & Tuberose
  • 25ml Amber Glass bottle
  • Blended In Australia

If you don’t have any burner/diffuser, pair it with the beautiful essential oil burner range from Maison Balzac!

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Store out of direct sunlight and below 30 degrees Celsius.

Keep out of reach of children.

Do not ingest this product.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Essential oils. Olfactive Notes: Orange Flower, Neroli & Tuberose
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