Coucou Carafe


The Coucou carafe is an individually mouth blown jug that comes in an array of coloured borosilicate glass. Fill it with your choice of beverage and enjoy its beauty and function.

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Maison Balzac Coucou Carafe

Furnish your table with this beautifully handmade blown borosilicate glass Carafe COUCOU  jug that comes in beautiful Pink and Amber colours. Each piece is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. Fill it up with your favorite beverage and place it as an aesthetic part of your table for the summer. Drink up fabulously and pair it with Maison Balzac’s lovely range of glasses if you want to.

Coucou Carafe Jug dimensions

  • Carafe: 23cm height, 12cm diameter at base, approx. 1.2l capacity
  • Materials: 100% Borosilicate Glass

*All of Maison Balzac’s glassware are hand blown individually. This may result in slight differences between shapes, sizes, and colours. However these variances are part of the products’ beauty. It will not affect the overall aesthetic and functionality of the product.


This product is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. But it is recommended to hand wash it with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean. Don't use strong alkali soaps as it could damage the glass. Handle with care to avoid glassware from breaking.

Don't put in ice before liquid as it may damage the glassware. Fill it with liquid before you put in the ice.

100% borosilicate glass

Amber, Pink

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