2 Champagne Coupes


A set of playful champagne glasses cloaked with jewel bubbles. Perfect drinkware for celebrations.

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These 2 Champagne Coupes are part of Maison Balzac’s new product range. These Pomponette coupes are individually hand blown with borosilicate glass.

Covered with playful jewel bubbles, these gorgeous glasses are the perfect set to make a toast during celebrations.

2 Champagne Coupes Features

  • Height 11cm, Mouth Diameter 8.2cm
  • Capacity approx 125ml
  • Materials: 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • Colours: Clear & multi, pink & amber, clear & opaque white
  • Each champagne coupe features the Maison Balzac star logo on its base
  • Each box contains 2 champagne coupes

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This product is heat resistant and dishwasher safe. But it is recommended to hand wash it with a soft bristle brush to keep it clean. Don't use strong alkali soaps as it could damage the glass. Handle with care to avoid bumping glassware against hard surfaces or other vessels during cleaning.

Also avoid putting ice directly in the empty glass; add the liquid first, then add ice and drink up.
100% borosilicate glass

All of Maison Balzac's glassware are hand blown individually. This may result in slight differences between shapes, sizes, and colours. However these variances are part of the products' beauty. It will not affect the overall aesthetic and function of the product.

Clear Multi, Pink Amber, Clear Opaque White

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