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Refill your Last Tissue handkerchiefs with this reusable alternative to tissues that could be washed up to 520 times. Each pack contains 6 organic and soft cotton tissues that can be used when the original 6 tissues (included in LastTissue) are being washed.

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Last Tissue Refill is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to single-use tissue. It’s made of soft cotton fabric that feels just like regular tissues on your nose and cheeks, and can be washed easily.

Each package contains 6 reusable handkerchiefs that can be used when the original 6 tissues (included in LastTissue) are being washed.

What makes Last Tissue Refill special?

    • Reusable, sustainable, sanitary
    • 100% made from renewable materials
    • Durable (reusable up to 520 times or more)
    • Easy to clean with water and soap or machine wash

Last Object- the brand, is committed to eliminating single use items by creating sustainable alternatives. They aim for at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single use products they replace, creating items with high usability and excellent design.

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Fold the handkerchiefs and put them at the bottom of the case

Put the separator on top of the stacked clean tissues

Pull out the handkerchiefs from the bottom

Put the used handkerchiefs from the top of the case to separate them from the clean ones

Machine wash the used tissues at 140°F / 60°C

Rinse or wash the food grade silicone case in the dish-washer

Dry them out first before putting it back into the case
Tissue: 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton from India
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Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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