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Last Round is a reusable alternative to makeup pads and rounds made of a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton rounds that could be used up to 1,750 times.

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Last Round is a reusable, sustainable and sanitary alternative to disposable makeup pads a. It’s made of a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton pads when you apply liquid to it. It helps combat the billions of single-use cotton pads that are produced every day. Each pack comes with 7 reusable cotton pads.

What makes Last Round special?

    • Reusable, sustainable, sanitary
    • 100% made from renewable materials
    • Durable (reusable up to 1,750 times or more)
    • Easy to clean with water and soap or machine wash
    • Comes in a high quality case made of Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic (available in a range of pretty colors)
    • Portable (easy to store and travel-friendly size)

Last Object- the brand, is committed to eliminating single use items by creating sustainable alternatives. They aim for at least 10x real environmental impact vs the traditional single use products they replace, creating items with high usability and excellent design.

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Take out the cotton rounds carefully from the top part of the case

Use the rounds needed or put some products onto it before usage

Rinse the used pads using water or machine wash at 140°F / 60°C.

Dry completely before putting the pads back in the case

Put the rounds back from the bottom part of the case
Case: Certified Recycled ocean bound plastic

Rounds: Round 70% wood cellulose from North American conifers and short cotton fibers not suitable for the textile industry

Black, Green, Peach

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