Interdental Mono Holder


An interdental brush holder made from steel or aluminium. To make it easier for you to brush your side teeth area.

Single pack. For adults.

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Hold your interdental brushes easily with the help of these brush holders. The ergonomically shaped stainless steel holder with its twist-fit can be autoclaved. Optimum for the side teeth area.

As every CPS interdental brush fits every holder, it’s easy to pick your own personal favourite: angled or straight, with click or twist-lock connection, plastic or aluminium. Angled holders are particularly easy to use on the side teeth.

Cleaning your teeth thoroughly using the right tools can help to prevent:

  • Interdental caries
  • Gingivitis
  • Periodontitis

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Attach your interdental brushes to the head of the holder.

Hold it by the grip and brush your teeth using it.

Angle it to your desired position.

Clean it after every usage.

Steel UHS 415, Steel UHS 475, Aluminium UHS 414

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