Acne Pimple Master Patch


Thin hydrocolloid gel patches that absorb acne fluid in pimples to make them disappear faster or stop an emerging pimple from fully forming.

A COSRX favourite and hero product at Vim&Co.

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COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch – Quick & Effective Overnight Acne Healing.

This COSRX acne patch must be one of the most sought after products Korean skincare. Each set of different sized circle is a thin 100% hydrocolloid gel patch that absorbs acne fluid and protect the area from inflammation and infection.

This product can be used when the pimple has come to head or it has been popped as well as on an emerging pimple. A favourite of COSRX and a highly sought after product at Vim&Co.

Key features and benefits of  COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

  • Smooths over a formed pimple to make it go away faster within hours or overnight
  • Prevents an emerging pimple from fully forming
  • Reduces scarring from pimple formation
  • Protects the problematic area against bacteria
  • Convenient patches in different sizes for every situation (0.28 inch, 0.39 inch, 047 inch).
  • Can stay on during showering
  • Can go under makeup
  • Contains 24 patches

Key Ingredient

  • Hydrocolloid gel
    This is a type of material used in wound dressing (made from gelatin and pectin)to draw out exudate (pus)  and dirt while promoting a moist environment for faster and more effective wound healing. These pimple patches seals the acne to prevent it from further invasion of dirt, inflammation and possible infection.


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Cleanse the area around problem spot. Select a bigger size patch than the problem spot and attach the patch to the spot.
Cellulose Gum, Styrene Isoprene Styrene Block Copolymer, Polyisobutylene, Petroleum Resin, Polyurethane Film, Liquid Paraffin, Tetrakis Methane.
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