Mr. Eye-Candy Pack


A pack of holy grail skincare products for men. Includes a body wash, shave gel, face scrub, SPF moisturizer, face wash, and a toiletry bag.


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Mr. Eye-Candy is a pack of holy grail skincare products for a man who does not shy away from putting in that little bit of extra time into his looks.  

This set has every step in his routine covered without a hitch. From a body wash that’ll get him smelling irresistible every morning, to a 4-step skincare routine that is sure to keep his face hydrated.

Our range of natural and effective products will keep his skin looking young through the powers of SPF and AHA’s. A perfect gift for a man to complete his skincare routine and make him smells like scents of Blood Orange + Goji Berry.

Mr. Eye-Candy Pack Includes: 

  • 1x 500 ml Hand + Body Wash 
  • 1x 150 ml Shave Gel 
  • 1x 150 ml Face Scrub 
  • 1x 100 ml Moisturiser SPF 
  • 1x 150 ml Face Wash
  • 1x FREE Luxury Toiletry Bag


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Warning: This product is cruelty free, for external use only. Use according to directions and stop usage if irritation occurs.
All of the products included in this set is Vegan, cruelty-free, and RSPO certified.
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