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100% juice of  the fruit called the Korean pear. “Bae” means pear in korean and this juice reduces the effects of a hangover after drinking alcohol. Clinically proven to reduce the absorption and increase metabolism of alcohol.

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Bae Juice means Pear Juice in Korean. This drink is 100% Korean pear juice, which comes farm a fruit called the Korean pear. The fruit  is similar to a Nashi pear in taste. This Korean pear juice has been clinically found to help prevent hangovers.

Does it work you ask?

YES it does! our customers  tell us so.

Drink one serve of Bae Juice before you consume alcohol and it will improve the way your body, metabolises alcohol, as well as reduce the amount of alcohol your body absorbs.

If you are intending to drink large amounts of alcohol, we suggest 2 serves of Bae juice as one may not be enough

Features & Benefits of Bae juice:

  • Reduces the effects of hangover after drinking
  • A crisper next day feeling with more energy
  • You don’t lose the next day trying to recover
  • Tastes really good and can be consumed as a drink- suitable for kids as a natural fruit juice.

Try it, we think you’ll really like it!

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Store this in the fridge or a cool dry place. Drink this before alcohol consumption.
100% Korean Pear. Contains no added sugar or artificial colouring. Contains 120ml.
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