Upside Down Makeup Set


A double-pocketed makeup pouch that contains all essential makeup set to give your face a quick glam.

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Keep all your makeup essentials in this Upside Down double-pocketed pouch. This Mavala Upside Down Makeup Set is the perfect bundle that  to give your face a quick glam.

These products are toxic free, cruelty free, and vegan so it allows you to wear makeup without the fear of damaging your skin.

This Upside Down Makeup Set contains:

  • Waterproof Mascara
  • Satin Eyelid Powder
  • BB Cream Beige
  • Terra Rossa Lipstick

Complete your nail polish collection with the other Mavala range!

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1. Apply BB Cream to your face and neck with your fingertips, with or without a specific care underneath. Smooth in evenly.

2. Apply the lightest Satin Eyelid Powder shade (white, beige, pink) on the entire upper eyelid. Then, gradually apply the darkest shade on the mobile upper eyelid

3. Apply the waterproof mascara from root to tip, holding the brush with its curved side in the opposite way to the curve of the lashes.

4. Apply lipstick all over your lips evenly.
Terra Rossa Lipstick: Complex of botanical extracts, including candelilla wax for shine, gliding and protective film-forming effect, shea butter and aloe vera for their moisturizing, soothing, regenerating and protecting properties, and the antioxidant and free radical scavenger vitamin E. Contains UVB sun filters.

Waterproof Mascara: Combination of a new generation polymer film, which coats lashes and fixes colour, with ultra-covering waxes, that lengthen and separate lashes. Also contains hydro-regulating, conditioning and nourishing silk proteins.

Satin Eyelid Powder: Pure microzined pigments for a long lasting hold and an easy blending of shades. Silicon and emollient oils for an intense brightness of colour and a perfect adhesion. Satin pearls of mother-of-pearl with subtle or metallized reflections. Camomile and calendula extracts with softening and soothing properties. Elderberry and myrrh extracts with calming properties.

BB Cream Beige: Combines highly effective ingredients to moisturise your skin, including hyaluronic acid, ceramide 2 and allantoin. Enriched with demo-soothing Swiss Mallow flower extract and vitamin E, which protects against free radical scavengers.
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