Illumination Must Haves for Summer

I know there are many of you who are pro’s when it comes to highlighting/tanning products and there is a lot out there these days, because everyone chases that sun kissed natural glow effect, especially in Spring and Summer. I’ll be honest, I’ve only just come on board the last few years and after a lot of experimentation, I can say now, I understand the appeal. I thought it would be useful to summarise a few of the illumination or highlighting products we have in store to help you navigate the variety that exists. If they sound interesting enough, you can come into the store to try them out and grab samples too.

One of my absolute favourite products I’ve been using since we discovered the brand a few years back is Vita Liberata’s Beauty Blur. The main ingredients in Beauty Blur’s formulation are shea butter, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid for all day hydration. It’s a creamy, nourishing and hydrating facial illuminator – Perfect for women (and men- it was used on Bradley Cooper in ‘A Star is Born’) who have mature or drier skin as it does not settle into any fine lines or wrinkles, unlike foundations that have considerably more pigment content. It’s one of those products that you can’t resist buying once it goes on your skin. I even had a lady that nicely swear at me because she wasn’t going to do it and then couldn’t resist because it looked so good!

You can add a pump to your foundation for a more illuminating effect, or I like to wear it on its own everyday as a lightweight face tint. It gives a velvety natural glow, which is great for school runs, errands and for workdays too with a bit of lip balm and mascara for a ‘no makeup look’. Beauty Blur can also be applied all over the face and decolletage as a bronzer or a highlighter.

Vita Liberata also have another star product called Body Blur. Body Blur is famous amongst red carpet events, photo shoots and runway shows for celebrities and models to achieve a glistening complexion and to hide any unwanted cellulite. It’s meant to give them that “Brazilian Goddess” look! Body Blur is essentially body makeup, designed to use all over or on arms or legs that protrude from your outfit. You apply it once and wash it off after the event. It has a matte finish, so you won’t experience any transfer on your outfit. It’s one of those must have summer body products we see women search for as they head to a party or spring/summer event. I personally find body make up a little difficult so the seasoned tanner would be able to navigate this product best.

We also have an Organic Australian brand TheSeeke, which has an illuminating moisturizer called Luminosity. Luminosity has a thick gel-like consistency with a slight golden tan tint. It’s super thick and soaks into the skin straight away. The tint is subtle and perfect for very fair skin tones as some tinted glow products don’t have very light shades available. Luminosity is highly spreadable and can be applied on the face and body.

Cult favourite Deciem’s Niod have two amazing glow products – Photography Fluid Opacity 12% and Photography Fluid Opacity Tan 8%. Photography Fluid Opacity 12% is a beautiful lightweight liquid highlighter that is used by makeup artists for photoshoots because it is designed to appear more visible through a camera lens. Photography Fluid Opacity 8% is a liquid bronzer with a subtle gold sparkle effect. Niod is a sophisticated brand loved by many celebrity makeup artists, so it goes without saying, the quality is definitely there! Their price point is higher but they both are superior products with a lovely texture that glides on and blends beautifully. Both products are buildable for a subtle glow and bronze or a blinding highlight and contour. You can use these on your face, eyes, décolletage and body. I think this may be my product this summer as I experiment with it, on as many body parts as is appropriate.

Another very solid glow product is Loving Tan’s Deluxe Body Makeup. It gives a slight glow, is not as shimmery but gives extreme full coverage, is buildable and water resistant. The Deluxe Body Makeup can cover scars, pigmentation, cellulite, and small tattoos. I find this product easily “spreadable” which is practical if you are keen to apply to your whole body or large areas. Loving Tan is a great range for beginners. Their self tanning products give a great colour result and are easy to apply.

As you can see there’s a fair few products to choose from, all with their special features. We encourage you to come in, to touch and feel the difference.  Hopefully, we will be able to pair you up with the right choice to give you a beautiful sun kissed glow for summer nights, date nights, special events as well as everyday wear!

Yen x

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