Skincare for Teens with Facialist Barbara Cavalli (August)


An interactive workshop walking teens through a basic skincare regime tailored for them + complimentary $60 take-home kit.

With leading Facialist Barbara Cavalli

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When: August 24, 2019 @ 10:00 am

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Starting a good skincare routine is never too early, especially around teenhood where hormones are spiking and make up is introduced.

In this 90 minute workshop, leading Perth facial therapist will coach teens through a skincare regime that is tailored for them. Each individual will have their own skincare station where they can interact with the products Barbara is demonstrating.

The programme includes:

• How diet, life style and sport can affect skin
• Common skincare types
• Understanding your own skin
• Most common skincare conditions
• Essential products to use – why and how to choose
• Most common skincare mistakes
• How to remove make up
• Questions
• Barbara’s recommendation for teens

Each guest will also be able to take home their own complimentary, tailored kit to the value of $60.

For anyone looking for the adult version, please click here.

Barbara Cavalli comes to skin care from a successful career as a commercial and fashion make-up artist. For years she was exposed to people who were in desperate need of help with their skin. Overtime they had given up on their complexion and were relying on expensive make-up as a solution to cover their skin issues. They were hungry to know what she knew about skin health and care because everything they read or heard was so confusing, not to mention expensive.

Since then Barbara has been on a mission to learn, develop and then teach how to care for your skin in a simple, effective and affordable way. To cut through the myths and marketing nonsense in a quest to give her clients back their confidence and their healthy skin! She is exceedingly proud to partner with Vim&Co in this series of workshops and help people in their journey to healthy, beautiful skin.

Barbara was recently featured on Urban List as one of Perth’s top facial therapists. Read about it here.