Saturday 11th July 2020 @ 2pm – Skin Prep and Beauty Basics with Yen Tran and Erin Maie


In this two-part beauty basics workshop, Perth make-up artist Erin Maie and Vim & Co’s Founder and Pharmacist, Yen Tran, will guide you through some simple ways to prepare your skin and incorporate multi-purpose beauty products for a no-fuss, everyday, natural look.

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This interactive, two part, 60-minute session is the perfect introduction to skincare and beauty and a brilliant opportunity to learn practical skincare and makeup application tips to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you are a complete beauty novice or someone looking for an easy, every day look, this workshop is a casual, fun and interactive platform to trial some new products, ask questions and learn some easy to apply skincare and beauty techniques.


The session will commence with an introduction to skincare and skin preparation with Vim & Co’s Founder and Pharmacist, Yen Tran.
Yen will provide an overview on:

  • The importance of skin health as a foundation for makeup
  • Makeup removal, the importance of removing makeup and the best products to consider
  • A simple, effective skincare regime including cleansers, toners and moisturisers suitable for different skin types
  • The role of treatment products including masks, mud masks, acids (the difference between AHA and BHA acid exfoliators), Vitamin C, Oils and Retinol, targeted toward specific skin concerns.


Perth Makeup Artist, Erin Maie, will then join us to introduce you to some of our favourite multi-purpose beauty products and how to incorporate simple techniques for a natural finish including;

  • The do’s and don’ts of choosing beauty products touching on:
    • Ingredients/textures to avoid for different skin
    • Choosing colours to suit your complexion
    • Mixing cream and powder products
  • Tips and tricks for using multi-purpose beauty products
  • Applying Foundation including:
    • Colour matching
    • Application tools – beauty blender, brush or fingers
    • Using setting sprays and powders
    • Achieving a flawless finish without going full coverage

Erin and Yen will also make time at the conclusion of the formal session to help you shop in-store for personal products and answer any specific skincare and beauty questions.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, places are limited. Call (08) 9328 9447 to book your seat!

Erin Maie Latkovic, Makeup Artist 

As one of Perth’s most highly regarded and talented makeup artists, Erin has a passion for enhancing her clients’ natural features without masking the skin and all of its beauty. Her work is a celebration of the skin and her signature look often features natural and glowing finishes complemented by natural hues and brushed up brows. With over 9 years’ experience working as a freelance makeup artist, Erin has worked on a myriad of commercial and creative projects spanning celebrities, weddings, runway, advertising, music videos and events.

Be sure to follow Erin on instagram here.


Yen Tran, Founder and Pharmacist, Vim & Co

With over 18 years experience as a Pharmacist, Yen brings a love for skincare and quality skincare products and passion for the science and technology behind skincare innovations to help address Vim & Co’s customers skincare concerns and needs. Yen adopts a consultative approach to skincare in store, helping customers navigate various skincare products, formulations and ingredients to address their specific concerns and requirements.

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