Pain and Fever

Vim & Co has a range of over the counter treatments available to treat pain and fever.

Products in these ranges include pain and fever relief options for adults and children, ranging from anti-inflammatory ingredients to paracetamol formulations in tablet, capsule and liquid forms.

Talk to one of our pharmacists who can help you navigate the wide range of options available on the market today.


Need a consult?

We welcome the opportunity to provide one-on-one consults to discuss your health concerns. Consults allow us to undertake necessary screening to determine whether referral to other medical professionals is required, ensure the right products are recommended for you (with information on the correct and effective use of those products) and provide additional lifestyle and primary care advice to optimise your recovery and general health.

Consults with one of our Pharmacists are available in person or over the phone. Please call us today on (08) 9328 9447 or visit us in-store.

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