Fungal Infections

Vim & Co has a range of over the counter treatments available to manage fungal infections.

Products in this range include creams, powders, sprays, foaming solutions, and shampoos. 

For skin infections, often, using the wrong product on a rash can inadvertently make the rash worse so it is important to ensure that your rash is correctly identified before commencing any treatments.

Some antifungals are combined with other ingredients like hydrocortisone to increase their effectiveness so there are a few variations and options that our Pharmacists can go through with you.

For fungal nail infections, our over the counter treatments are used in more severe nail infections where it has penetrated deep into the nail bed. The treatment is extensive and only needs to be used once a week.

Our Pharmacists can ensure that your condition is correctly identified (as many skin and nail conditions can look similar!) and recommend the best antifungal product for your specific symptoms.


Need a consult?

We welcome the opportunity to provide one-on-one consults to discuss your health concerns. Consults allow us to undertake necessary screening to determine whether referral to other medical professionals is required, ensure the right products are recommended for you (with information on the correct and effective use of those products) and provide additional lifestyle and primary care advice to optimise your recovery and general health.

Consults with one of our Pharmacists are available in person or over the phone. Please call us today on (08) 9328 9447 or visit us in-store.

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