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A ceramic and stainless steel tea infuser that fits all Frank Green cups and bottles (except the 6oz). Infuse your tea easily and safe the planet with it too.

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Drinking tea should be relaxing. This Frank Green Tea Infuser is made for loose leaf tea and the ultimate product to save your time and the planet.

What makes it so special?

  • It universally fits in all frank green ceramic reusable cups and bottles (excluding 6oz), so no hassle to use the tea pot anymore.
  • You can put anything in the strain. Like fruits, berries, herbs, and more for beautifully infused beverages.
  • The stainless steel mesh filter will only allow flavour through, so no sediment will come through.
  • Reduces waste by eliminating tea bags.
  • It is easy to use. Just unscrew the top, put what you want to infuse, pour hot water, let it steep, and enjoy!

If you love this tea infuser, pair it with our Frank Green Bottles so you can keep your tea warm for hours. Or check out the loose leaf tea range from Frank Green here.


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1. Twist anti-clockwise to unscrew infuser
2. Fill with tea, fruit, hopes, dreams, anything. Twist clockwise to close
3. Place & press infuser securely into your cup or bottle
4. Pour water over until tea is just covered
5. Let it steep
6. Remove infuser using the handle, replace your lid & sip away
Stainless steel mesh filter. Ceramic top.
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